Our mission is to enhance, automate create engaging and seamless events

Our Story

As event curators with over a decade of experience, we have encountered a diverse array of challenges in Africa. We realized that these challenges were not unique to us, they were continent-wide challenges faced by event organisers & owners looking to curate global standard events. We decided to build solutions to automate the event organising process, while helping organisers & owners save time, costs and resources. That's how TEPS was born. An end to end event management system for everyone by event organisers.

Our Core Values


To empower event organisers & owners with tools to create personalised experiences for their attendees


To inspire and power great experiences, one event at a time.


Consistency, Personalization, Innovation & Passion


To ease the stress of event managers by simplifying the event planning process, to help you leverage the power of the first impression

We empower event organisers with tools to create and curate a memorable and personalised event experience for their attendees because we believe an event may last a day but experiences last a lifetime. We are powering great experiences, one event at a time.

Our Services

A digital Event management, enagagement and hospitality software