Whether it's a virtual, hybrid or in-person event, TEPs sees to it that planning and execution is seamless.

Pre Event

Attendee Registration

Fully integrated online registration with automated email templates

Event Webpages

Event landing page that show your attendees all they need to know about the event after registering. Fully customizable with your branding.


Create tickets to your events with the possibility of more than one ticket type to give attendees various access levels.

Discount Codes

Setup discount codes for groups or promotional purposes.

Payment Processing

Integrated with other payment platforms, so you can receive ticket payments directly


Manage the flow of information to attendees by scheduling emails for delivery. Integrate with your organization’s CRM database.


On-Site Check In

Take the stress out of on-the-day In-person activities with QR Code scanning, name or email search, self check- in and badge printing.

Session Management Systems

Manage speakers, review and publish speaker notes and schedule sessions all in one place.

Zoom Integration

Host virtual events - webinars, live streams, with full Zoom integration.

Post Event

Feedback Forms & Surveys

Send event surveys real time and request feedback based on attendee or ticket type.

Insights, Analytics and Post Event Communication

Send post event call to action emails and links to recorded session. Review all attendee data for future planning.