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Wondering if you can use TEPS for your event? The answer is yes...whether you're an event management professional or a beginner, TEPS helps you to deliver successful single day or multi day events - Conferences, Sales workshops, End of year parties, festivals from 10 people to hundreds of thousands of attendees.


Sandra has a three day hybrid event for 500 in-person attendees and 3000 virtual attendees. The event includes an exhibition, multi-session panel conference and a GALA on the third day.


Sandra had many challenges she identified;

  • She needed to segment ticket types, some attendees have free admission for some events, some have discounts, some attendees are media and therefore have a free pass.
  • A cohesive system to collect session papers and content from speakers
  • Sandra leads a department of young professionals that have not planned big events prior to this
  • The organization needed to receive payments from the various payment channels and track real time via one interface
  • The organisations' communications department needed to have access to all attendees for pre, during and post event interaction.


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