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Wondering if you can use TEPS for your event? The answer is yes...whether you're an event management professional or a beginner, TEPS helps you to deliver successful single day or multi day events - Conferences, Sales workshops, End of year parties, festivals from 10 people to hundreds of thousands of attendees.


Nexford University was hosting their 2023 graduation ceremony, expecting numerous guests and aiming for a smooth and efficient entry process. They needed a solution to manage access control for different guest categories while ensuring a positive experience for everyone. Additionally, the ceremony featured an exhibition requiring exhibitor accreditation.


  • Ensuring quick and hassle-free entry for a large number of attendees.
  • Verifying guest credentials efficiently.
  • Distinguishing different guest categories for access control.
  • Maintaining a smooth and organized flow at the entry point.
  • Managing exhibitor accreditation for a seamless exhibition experience.




Nexford University used TEPS to achieve a smooth and efficient graduation ceremony. The technology-driven approach eliminated manual processes, ensured accurate identification, and allowed guests to focus on celebrating this momentous occasion. Additionally, TEPS's exhibitor accreditation system facilitated a seamless and organized exhibition experience.

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